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Time to keep up with SAP Business One ERP, #1 ERP for Small & Medium Enterprises

Time to keep up with SAP Business One ERP, #1 ERP for Small & Medium Enterprises

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Sphinax Info Systems

What worked five years ago for your SME may no longer work today.

  • Manual processes are costing your business a fortune. Outdated technologies can throw you out of the game.

  • It’s a fact: SMEs must let go of legacy systems and usher in the new.

  • This means automating your business processes, from inventory management to accounting, using a single system to simplify operations, and gaining access to real-time data for better business visibility.

  • You need SAP Business One ERP to do all these…and more.

  • Get a free demo of SAP Business One ERP and find out how it can empower your business, leading you away from tired processes and into better ways of running your SME.

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Sphinax Info Systems

Industries We Serve


SAP Business One ERP is the ideal platform for small and medium-sized manufacturers. With many years of experience in the manufacturing sector, Sphinax Info Systems makes it much easier for business owners to improve manufacturing processes. With our Sap B1 software, you are well equipped to grow, sustain, and expand your company.

With the increasing number of users, SAP Business One ERP is the primary choice to successfully manage daily operations and overcome challenges in the manufacturing sector. This software helps improve control quality through ISO compliance. It also ensures advanced planning, cost reduction, and smooth integration with devices.


Entrepreneurs in the Automotive industry constantly seek solutions to issues of production standards and supply chain management. Luckily, Sphinax Info Systems develops a system that helps automotive manufacturers to comply with industry standards and auditing rules. With this, you can map out your activities through the supply, production, and delivery stages. More so, this system easily integrates with PLM machines, CAD, etc. It offers a central solution for all manufacturing processes and applications. Overall, SAP Business One ERP helps automakers to gain greater control of the processes without derailing from industry guidelines.


SAP Business One ERP has helped many top pharmaceutical companies to flourish through improved business operations, meeting consumer demands, and increased employee productivity. As expected, this software sets the pace in research, testing, equipment manufacturing, and pharmaceutical development. It also helps in services, production, and distribution. With Sap B1, you can access information much quicker and address customer’s need on time.


As part of the production process, you can take advantage of the SAP Business One ERP solution for the healthcare sector to define the production and consumption resources. It offers better insight into healthcare industry, enabling you to make real-time decisions that promote business growth. Of course, the market changes, but our software will help you align with the ever-changing manufacturing processes. Take charge of your schedules to reduce restraints and manage the quality of products and delivery processes.

Oil & Gas

Undoubtedly, the oil and gas sector are highly innovative, so, it requires skills, experience, and resourcefulness for you to stay on top. SAP Business One ERP solution is designed to help industry players stand out in vendor management, operations, services, and reports.

Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution

We provide warehouses and distribution outlets with a fantastic inventory management tool to help track stocks, customer, and sales data. It offers a more affordable way to enhance supply and customer satisfaction. With the Sap B1 software, you have real-time information of incoming and outgoing shipments, helping you meet customer expectations.

Irrespective of the type of goods in your warehouse, our automated business solution will enhance your operations. Popular hotspots to utilize this software include footwear, electronics, winery, clothing, and bookstores. Overall, the SAP Business One ERP platform has a reputation to help businesses realize their wholesale, retail, and distribution goals through business process automation, quality controls, batch traceability, record management, and customer relationship.

Food and Beverage

SAP Business One ERP software is excellent for small and large companies in the Food and Beverage industry. It comes equipped with specialized features that smoothen the production, packaging, and distribution of food products. With its improved integration system and access to real-time market data, you can streamline your products to suit specific market needs.

Heavy Equipment

For efficiency during the manufacturing of Heavy Equipment, you must master the arts of automation, inventory management, bills of materials, and traceability. Manufacturers that utilize these components experience fewer losses, meet increasing demand needs, and gain greater customer trust. What’s more, SAP Business One ERP offers you the opportunity to get a 360-degree view of your company, monitoring and analyzing improvements. With a smoother workflow and data reporting system, the SAP Business One ERP system reduces production costs and increases revenue.

Aerospace and Defense

Precision, safety, and reliability are inseparable in the aerospace and defense industry. You need a working system to meet this strict standard and succeed in such a complex field. Hence, the SAP Business One ERP all-in-one solution integrates unique business management processes that improve your efficiency, performance, relationships, and productivity in operations.

All types of service sector

SAP Business One ERP is a robust platform that makes it easy for services providers to manage data. It comes with an interactive, attractive, customizable, and user-friendly interface. This software is applicable in Fintech, asset management, credit unions, and real estate firms. Other areas include IT services, Accounting, Advertising, Legal services, consulting, engineering, architecture, and much more.


Our ERP for Schools and Universities Make every aspect of school management easier with ERP Software. Learn how to manage, salaries, fees, and alumni with greater comfort. Our ERP system features an automatic way to streamline education processes, removing errors in our schools and colleges.

Other features include:

  • Examination management

  • Time table creation

  • Asset management

  • Fees management

  • Purchase management

  • Attendance management

  • Admission management

  • Staff management

Sphinax Info Systems

Custom ERP Development

ERP is a short for Enterprise Resource Planning, which allows smooth running of basic processes in departments like services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, etc. Our custom ERP solution applies top-notch technology to help transform your processes and adapt to changes with ease.

  • AI assistant and Advanced analytics

  • Cloud delivery updates

  • Flexible and maintenance-free platform

  • Ease of use

  • Fast deployment

Sphinax Info Systems

Our Solutions

SAP Business One ERP is a powerful, scalable business management system which integrates all core business functions across your entire company. It provides managers with access to critical real-time data, enabling you to make quicker, better decisions to help grow your business.

SAP HANA is an innovation that enables clients to fasten the pace of advancement, by giving data to better basic decision-making over the venture. Line supervisers and financial teams working in large complex ERP environment remain to receive huge rewards when they can get to expanded measures of information deliver reports speedier and break down data better

ERP data migration is easier and simpler. Just follow these steps and you can easily migrate data from your old ERP to your new ERP solution.Migration Before Automation Cloud automation has changed both the goals and process of ERP migration, from planning through post go-live

Sphinax Info Systems

Our Accomplishments

We understand that the business world is highly competitive, making it a huge task to grow and sustain your company. But our software solutions make it a lot easier, faster and more predictable. Therefore, in 2018, CIOReviews India listed us among “The 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers”. Of course, that’s proof of our signature activities and contribution to the growth of businesses. Sphinax Info Systems offers the most reliable platform for scaling and managing your business.

To enhance our reputation in the industry, we are a member of the National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM). With this union, we can access a vast network of industry experts and tools to help improve our services.

Sphinax Info Systems

Our Specialties

  • Regular training for easy adaptation to industry changes

  • Focus on ideas to reduce client’s sustainability and ROI

  • A fantastic methodology that boosts project quality and performance

  • Ability to examine and recommend third-party tools.

  • Professional consultants in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Systems Integration, and IT solutions

  • Top-notch resource pool for information sharing and knowledge expansion

  • Creation of unique business model to enhance productivity and reduce operating cost

  • Regular training for easy adaptation to industry changes

  • Focus on ideas to reduce client’s sustainability and ROI

  • A fantastic methodology that boosts project quality and performance

  • Ability to examine and recommend third-party tools.

Sphinax Info Systems

About Us

Sphinax Info Systems, a global software solutions company, located in India, is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with cutting-edge IT innovations. We create high-quality software and ideas to enable entrepreneurs to realize their business objectives. We build strong relationships with clients through customized apps to ensure we satisfy their requirements.

Heavy equipment
Retail & Wholesale
Services sector
Food & beverage
Aerospace & Defense
Oil & Gas

Sphinax Info Systems came into existence with a focus to revamp businesses processes in areas of operations, assets maintenance, projects, and services.

We also specialize in audits, ROI implementations, outsourced services, problem-solving, and support.

So far, Sphinax Info Systems has served clients in almost every continent

The company boasts experienced consultants with proven ability to handle projects in their area of expertise.

Our formidable team of consultants has credible experience in the core areas of company operations.

Sphinax Info Systems

Our Successful Clients

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